Burpee Update**

Goooooood Morning!

This is your accountability partner speaking…

 Have you been doing your burpees each day?

 Remember, you want to complete at least 10 burpee’s per day.  The challenge will continue until February 14th (and beyond, if you wish).  You may enter the challenge on any given day.

 By dedicating yourself to at least 10 burpees per day, you are not only burning extra (unwanted) calories, but you are strengthening your muscles and enhancing your overall endurance.

Don’t do it for anyone but yourself.  Your body will thank you!


 As of today, I’ve completed a total of 85 burpees in 7 days.  I’ve been incorporating them into my workouts as “plyometric movements” in between reps.

 If you missed my post discussing the burpee challenge, check it out here!

 Have a Burpee-filled day 🙂

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  1. Burpee’s are a great exercise. Keep it up!

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