Whole30 Reintroduction Phase

I’ve had quite a few questions about what I’m doing now that the Whole30 Challenge is over. Here is what my reintroduction schedule looked like:

Day 1: Evaluated Dairy (ex. yogurt, cheese, ice cream)

From past experience, I already knew that my stomach was sensitive to dairy products. I have come to the conclusion, that while I can consume dairy, I need to be careful with the amount that I consume in a given day. I am usually alright with 1-2 servings, but any more than that and I feel major discomfort.


Day 3: Evaluated gluten-containing grains (ex. whole wheat bagel, pasta, dinner roll, beer)

I was never much of a starch person prior to the Whole30 challenge, but I decided to reintroduce a few of these gluten-containing grains because they show up as side dishes a lot in restaurants and are a very common food group at family gatherings, etc. For breakfast I had 2 pieces of Ezekiel bread (sprouted grain bread) toasted with some freshly ground almond butter. This was a side to my eggs.

With lunch, I had 2 vegetable-filled wheat dumplings.

I did have a headache this day, but I’m not quite sure whether I can attribute the headache to gluten or not. Although, I don’t recall having a headache at all during my 30-day challenge.

I also went out to a bar after work for happy hour and ordered a Pinot grigio. I can honestly say that I took about 4 sips and set the drink aside. It was way to sweet for me and my stomach just wasn’t having it. I’m not sure what it is with alcohol these days, but I’m just not into it. Order me a seltzer with lime and I’m a happy girl!


The plan was to evaluate non-gluten containing grains on Day 7 (ex. white rice, corn tortilla chips, gluten-free bread) and evaluate legumes on Day 10 (peanut butter, lentil soup, tofu, black beans).

However, on day 4 I caved and had my Quest Cravings Protein Peanut Butter Cups and a handful of dark chocolate mini chunks. Why? Well, honestly, I was hungry and we hadn’t gone grocery shopping so we did not have much food in the house. As I was rummaging through the cabinets looking for some food, I grabbed a handful of dark chocolate. Then, I dove in on the peanut butter cups. Living proof that eating sugar just makes you crave more sugar! Funny thing, those peanut butter cups that I used to lust over aren’t really that great any more. Have my taste buds changed? I don’t know, but they really didn’t hit the spot.

Needless to say, I did not feel very good after this mini sugar binge and I don’t really plan on it happening again any time soon. Lesson is, it happens. You can’t let it get to you. We are all human and no one is perfect. You live, You learn. End of rant.


You asked:

What food will I be avoiding?

Ultimately, I’ve decided to avoid dairy all-together. Dairy isn’t going to kill me, but it just isn’t worth the stomach bloat and discomfort. I’m sure there will be times when I rationalize with myself and choose to eat some cheese or ice cream. Been there, done that, and it never turns out the way I had hoped.

What foods will I be eating in moderation?

I will enjoy sugar, grains, and legumes in moderation.

I’ve found that too much sugar gives me a headache. I’m not necessarily talking about sugar from sweets. Fruit contains sugar as well, and I’ve been eating a lot of it over the past 30-days. I’ve gotten the same reaction (headache) after consuming too much fruit that I get after consuming too many sweets.

Grains and legumes don’t seem to bother me at all, I just don’t eat them too often to begin with. I like getting my carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables. Legumes are beneficial to our health because they provide lots of vitamins and minerals.

I plan on eating whole foods as often as possible. These foods make my body, mind, and soul feel great. Even my boyfriend told me that I did not complain once about my body or stomach problems during the 30-days that I was on the challenge. That says a lot.


What did I do during the Whole30 Challenge to satisfy my sugar cravings?

I ate fruit (dried and fresh). I’m aware that I probably ate too much fruit, and I am working on lowering my fruit intake. I became very fond of frozen grapes. If you haven’t put grapes into the freezer, give it a try. Beware, though, they are addicting! Another favorite of mine was dried figs. I never had dried figs before Whole30, but they are delicious! Also very addicting. 

Oh, and almond butter. I cannot seem to get enough of almond butter.

Overall, I trained my mind to avoid sugar to a point. However, my journey is not yet complete. It takes a lot of time to overcome old habits. I am not a quitter, and will work hard at my goals.


Here are a few pictures:


This was my breakfast when I reintroduced dairy into my diet. I had a laughing cow cheese wedge mixed in with my sautéed vegetables. (no reaction)

IMG_3647This, right here, is the delicious lunch that I enjoyed oh so much with 2 slices of melted mozzarella cheese. (horrible stomach discomfort for about 5 hours afterwards)

IMG_3684This was part of my breakfast when I reintroduced gluten-containing grains. I had 2 slices of Ezekiel bread.

IMG_3698I also added 2 vegetable-filled wheat dumplings to my salad at lunch. (developed a pretty bad headache this day, but am not sure whether it was the grains talking or something else)

IMG_3729This was my indulgence. 2 Quest Cravings Peanut Butter Protein Cups. Again, not as good as they used to be. They just tasted artificial. I guess that is what happens when you eat all-natural foods for 30-days. Questbars are one of the few protein bars that I will eat. My cabinets are usually stocked with questbars and larabars.


Overall, I LOVED the challenge. I also love the idea behind Whole30 and will be recommending it to others. Everyone is different, though, and I am aware of that. I do not force anything on anyone, but when I find something that works for me I like to share 🙂


  1. Ezekiel bread has soy in it. Did you reintroduce soy prior to reintroducing ezekiel bread?

  2. I did not test soy in the reintroduction phase. Soy never seemed to bother me so it wasn’t one of the things I focused on.

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