I am thankful for…

I am going to add a personal touch to this post and show you some pictures about my life and some of the people who make it so very special for me:












1.  I am thankful for friendship. These girls have been by my side 100%. I could not have asked for a better bridal party. 












They showed me a great time in Nashville, TN for my Bachelorette!











2.  I am thankful for family. What an amazing surprise bridal shower and how nice of the whole family to come together and spend a Sunday afternoon reminiscing, laughing, eating, etc.












The surprise.











Wardrobe change. I told you they are amazing bridesmaids.

3. I am thankful for true love. Through thick and thin, my fiancé has never left my side. I am such a lucky woman to be able to call him mine <3












Cookie-cutters with my new initials and a cookie-cutter in the shape of a ring! How cute.

























4.  I am thankful for freedom. I took a day off of work one Thursday to spend time with my Mother – shopping, laughing, and finding a killer mother-of-the-bride dress 🙂











We capped off the night with some lovely Sauvignon blanc and a delicious dinner in our home <3

5. I am thankful for good health. I am very aware of the nutrients that I put into my body. This is a characteristic about myself that I love and am not ashamed to admit. Time is not wasted when it is spent on your health. Don’t neglect your body!

6. I am thankful for physical fitness and my crossfit community. I love to exercise. It is my favorite way to start the day on a positive note. It also allows me to give back to the community, fundraising and being a participant in fitness events.

7. I am thankful for this blog. I have big visions for this blog and it is nowhere near where I see it in the next year, but I am thankful to have the opportunity to share useful (hopefully) information with my readers and help out in one way or another.

8. I am thankful for my job. I am a full-time paralegal working in center city Philadelphia, PA. I have awesome co-workers who keep every day interesting. I believe that a good work atmosphere is ideal for productivity.

9. I am thankful for education. Yes, a hobby of mine is learning. I cannot seem to get enough of it! I love to learn and am always spending money left and right to better my education. I hope that it will pay off in the long run, but for now I just want to pursue my passion for health and wellness.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving!

    It is people that make us so thankful

    Great pictures. I am thankful to be able to be a part of your cloud community of friends.

  2. Beautiful pictures and thoughts, thank you for sharing. Our society has this mind set to constantly criticize and be negative. Your gratitude is so refreshing!

    1. Thanks so much 🙂 Too often the most important things in life go unrecognized.

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