Five Gift Ideas for Your Active Person


I’d like to introduce you to Quinn, a self-proclaimed healthy living enthusiast. She enjoys playing soccer, going running, hiking, and staying active with her family! Check out Quinn’s little corner of the blog world at Healthy Living by Quinn.


Quinn also came up with 5 awesome holiday gift ideas for the active person in your life – check out the list below!


Now that the holidays are approaching, everyone is starting to think about what to give their special someone. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to shop for someone who is into healthy living or fitness. With so many different options on the market, how do you know if you’re getting the right thing? However, the coming of cold and wet weather means that more health and fitness buffs are taking their activities indoors. This gives you many opportunities for a great gift, and here are a few ideas.

Heart Rate Monitor Watch


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If your fitness champion has shown an interest in getting more from their workouts, then you can’t go wrong with a heart rate monitor watch. These handy little devices can help them take a better look at their training sessions so they can find their ideal balance. It’s common for these specialized watches to show you whether your current area of training is in fitness enhancement or fat-burning. Furthermore, most heart rate monitor watches can be conveniently plugged into a computer so records can be kept and analyzed.

(I purchased my HR Monitor Watch off of amazon, which is where I’d recommend you purchase yours for the best deal!)

 Weighted Vest


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Is walking or jogging no longer presenting enough of an endurance challenge for the health guru in your life? Consider getting him a weighted workout vest. Some of these come in varying weights, and some are designed so that more weights can be added as desired. Exercising with a weighted vest helps train the body for endurance and strength by working the muscles of the legs, buttocks and core. It’s also great for enhancing cardiovascular function.

(again, there are several Weighted Vests on Amazon)

Golfing Shirt

I know, it’s wintertime. But what’s a better way to get your golfer ready for the upcoming season than with a golf shirt? I found my husband a comfortable and breathable shirt on this site. These shirts are typically made for use in warm weather, so they’re designed with breathable cotton fibers to wick sweat away from the body. After all, it’s difficult to concentrate and keep a proper grip on the golf club when you’re hot and sweaty. A golfing shirt will help your golfer feel cool, comfortable and focused throughout the game.

 Fitness Gloves


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Weight lifting may be great for the muscles, but it’s certainly not gentle on the hands. Lifting that cold, bare, heavy steel day after day can leave the hands riddled with calluses, blisters and dry skin. Hands also tend to get sore from this abuse, which can interfere with the quality of other workouts. Fitness gloves protect the hands from wear and tear, and they also provide better gripping action when lifting.

(I particularly like Reebok Fitness Gloves).

Protein Powder

Developing and maintaining muscles requires large quantities of protein. Because it’s impractical and expensive to eat enough meat to satisfy this need, especially for bodybuilders, protein powder is the most efficient choice. These powders are widely used and come in many brands, protein sources and formulations. Plus, with flavors ranging from Dutch chocolate and strawberry milkshake to French vanilla and cheesecake, there’s something to please everybody. Furthermore, these protein powders are easy to use, pleasant to consume and can be used in recipes.

Staying fit and healthy is an admirable endeavor, but it can also be tedious to shop for these people. However, with a few tips and a little creativity, you can make this holiday season a merry and healthy one!


  1. My son got me a fitbit monitor to monitor my steps and miles walked or ran and it sync wirelessly and is great. He also got me a wireless scale the sync to the computer too. Both were great gifts.

  2. I have a polar heart rate monitor, can’t say enough great things about it! My #1 favorite exercise accessory!

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