Marathon #2 {Walt Disney World}

First things first, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you are already creating your best self in 2014 🙂

I did have a New Year post typed up, but never got around to finalizing it. Hopefully, I’ll share that with you sometime in January.

Here are a few photo’s that I took from the end of 2013:


My Family!


John and I <3

























My baby, Sadie Mae on Christmas Day!


















google images photo










If you are reading this on Sunday, January 12, 2014, I am probably either trotting through the Walt Disney World theme parks or celebrating my 2nd Marathon finish!

I completed my first Marathon back in 2011 in Philadelphia, PA, at which time I told myself that I would never run another – not because I didn’t have a blast (because I did!), but because a marathon was just one of those items on my bucket list that I wanted to check off and I just never imagined myself running another. Then, my Aunt was talking to me one day and asked me to run the Walt Disney World Marathon with her. So, I agreed. It really doesn’t take much to convince me to run in an organized road race. 

The funny thing is, at this time in my life, I really do not enjoy running…alone. I have fallen in love with running in organized races.

-the participants

-the spectators, and their hilarious signs (this site has a few funny ones)

-the motivation

-the inspiring stories

-loud noises and “cheer squads”

-the start line

-the finish line

-the outfits

-the adrenaline rush

^These are just a few of the things that lure me into running. Each time I run a race, I am drawn to sign up for another.

I couldn’t tell you the last time I ran a race for myself, and actually tried to get a personal best time. It isn’t about the finishing time to me. Instead, it’s about enjoying the race and communicating with other runners along the way, hearing their stories and smiling with each other. It’s about giving high-fives to the little kids on the side-lines, witnessing the overweight runner who has dedicated the past 6-12 months to training for this huge accomplishment that he/she is just minutes away from completing. This stuff puts a huge smile on my face, and often times it brings tears to my eyes. Although, I cry for everything. The entire experience is always so heartwarming. I believe participating in organized road races has truly made me a better person.

I don’t have any expectations for this race. My Aunt and I plan on starting the race together. Whether or not we finish together will depend on how we are feeling. We didn’t train together, so we’ve decided that if one of us wants to pull ahead that is totally fine. When running a marathon, you really do not want someone else holding you back because there comes a point when your legs are either moving or they are not, and if you are deliberately running slower it could set you back. One things for certain, we will both be FINISHERS! 

I’ll try to have a race recap up by the end of the month. If you are a runner, I would highly recommend any Run Disney event. I have never run in a race as special as Disney. They really know how to make it memorable for every participant and it really is the Happiest Place on Earth!

Be sure to follow me on Instagram @chfjenna for pictures of our costumes and updates on how our race went. I am always uploading pictures there.


Stop Wishing. Start Doing.

<3 Jenna


  1. Good luck on the marathon! It’s awesome how much you love running races. I’m also a huge race fan, and I signed up for 14 in 2014 because it’s an easy way for me to justify registering for so many races 🙂

    1. Thanks! That’s an awesome goal to set for yourself! Have fun running them all 🙂

  2. I am looking forward to reading about the marathon. I ran a full moon night 5k race with my kids recently which my son won and my daughters finished about 30 seconds ahead of me which surprised us all(that I was that close to them although being at night we had no idea.) But the fun was not that or the time but in doing it with them as you say.

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