Relentless Fitness (Spartan Challenge #1)

First things first, Crazy Healthy Fit turns 2 years old today!
CHF began in 2012 as a way for me to document my running experiences. As my passion for health and wellness grew stronger, so did CHF. In the past two years, I became a Certified Personal Trainer, Crossfit L-1 Trainer, and am currently studying with ISSA to receive my Fitness Nutrition Certification. I believe that a good health coach/trainer is someone who is passionate about what they do and has the knowledge to provide high quality service. I do not believe that a piece of paper gives you either of these qualities. I view my certifications as a baseline credential and motivation to learn more. It’s a stepping stone in a long and very exciting journey that I am on!
Now, for the good stuff…
Have any of my Philly readers heard of Relentless Fitness
relentless symbol
They are located on 10th street, near Thomas Jefferson University, between Locust and Spruce.
Space is not a limiting factor at Relentless Fitness (RF). Their training studio is well-equipped and if you ever stop by for a workout, I promise that you will walk out exhausted, yet feeling accomplished!
RF opened their doors in 2011. Take a look at their grand opening video.

I live outside of the city, so I had never heard of RF until recently. I received an email from one of the trainers basically asking me if I was up for a challenge. The subject line of the email was ‘Relentless Fitness is challenging you!’ Well, I’m ALWAYS up for a challenge. I knew I was about to have some fun!

RF invited me to train with #TeamRelentless as they prepare to battle through the Citizen’s Bank Park Spartan Race on September 20th.
But the real reason that I am sharing all of this with you is because while I am participating alongside Team Relentless, we will be challenging YOU by providing ‘Spartan’ workouts for you to try on your own! All you have to do is visit CHF for your workout and go out there and give it your best Spartan battle 🙂
We would love for you to tell us about the workout. Leave a comment below!
What did you like/dislike?
Was it too easy/too hard?
Have you ever competed in a Spartan Race/Challenge?
Also, if you have questions about the exercises or anything else, please contact me!
So, without further adieu, I give you your very first RF Spartan Challenge.
Please warm up thoroughly beforehand, and complete the following for time. The exercises can be broken up and do not need to be completed in exact order:
RelentlessCHF Spartan Challenge #1
Use the hashtag #RelentlessCHF and tag @chfjenna when sharing this on social media sites. We want to hear how it went!
Good Luck!
RF offers challenges just like this one very often at their Center City location. If you are interested in joining in on any of these challenges, please contact me or RF directly to get started! Your experience will begin with a benchmark challenge, continue with fresh, varied challenges week-to-week, and end with you crushing your original benchmark. These challenges will test what you are capable of within a finite time frame and take your overall fitness to the next level.
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  1. Congratulations on 2 Years! I enjoy visiting your blog. Thanks for sharing all you do.

    What is a deck up?

    1. imagine that you are lying flat on your back on a deck (or the ground). How would you bring yourself to a standing position, fast? You’d use the momentum of your body to swing yourself forward and stand up. This is a ‘deck up’

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