2014 PA Spartan Sprint at Blue Mountain Ski Resort (Palmerton, PA)

Reebok Spartan Race

 Inspired by ancient Spartan warriors (think Spartan 300) who embodied ultimate endurance, resilience and strength, each Spartan Race is designed to push you to tap into your highest potential and greatest strength. It is a true adventure that will leave you exhilarated and empowered in ways you’ve never experienced before.

If you’ve tried a trail race, mud run, obstacle race, or adventure race then it’s time to try a Spartan Race. Unlike other obstacle races, Spartan offers different levels and distances to choose from (source)


On Saturday July 12, 2014, I ran my 3rd PA Spartan Race at Blue Mountain Ski Resort. Although the races were at the same location each year, the courses were a little different.


Distance: 4.9 miles

Water Stations: 3 (not enough, in my opinion!)

Starting at 8am, waves of about 200 athletes were released every 15 minutes. By the time our 10:00 heat was set to be released, the event coordinators were a bit behind schedule. We didn’t take off until around 10:30.

10951 finishers between Saturday and Sunday’s events

Fastest female finished in 1:14:27

Fastest male finished in 59:53

I always love the event guide that tells you exactly what each spartan racer will receive upon completion of the event:

racers receive

[bragging rights, free mud, high pressure water to the gut, roasted shoelaces, scrapes and bruises, awesome stories to tell] They forgot SUNBURN! Or was that just me who forgot to apply suntan lotion before my heat took off…whoops!

spartan race sponsors

Here’s a good shot of Team ‘I prefer to ski Blue Mtn.’ before getting all muddy

photo1 (1)

Here my friend and I are attempting the Spear throw, which is nearly impossible! Last year my Spear actually stuck to the hay for a few seconds, then bounced out, and they still made me do 30 burpees (which is the penalty for failing missing an obstacle)


Burpee time! This was the first obstacle we missed, so our first set of 30 burpees of the day!


After browsing the Spartan Race event site for what seemed like hours, I found two action shots of me conquering the ‘Tractor Zone,’ a cinder block drag down a hill, through muddy water, and back up a hill.

Spartan Tractor Zone2 Spartan Tractor Zone

I also found a few action shots of my teammates. The below picture is the Barbed Wire Zone

becky barbed wire

 The following 3 photos were taken just before the finish line, after jumping over the Fire Pit:
Spartan Stacy 2 Spartan Stacy

Becky spartan race

And finally, an after shot!



With all this Spartan Hype and after completing last Saturday’s race, it really has left me motivated and inspired in so many ways.

I have a confession to make: I received a copy of Joe De Sena’s book ‘Spartan Up!’ in May 2014 and hadn’t even opened the front cover until this past Thursday (7/17/14). I can give you a million excuses as to why, but I won’t.

Just reading the Prologue on the train to work Thursday morning inspired me enough to want more for myself and never give up on life’s many challenges because you just never know how close to success you really are. Here is an excerpt from the Prologue: Thirty Below and Nowhere to Go

Challenging yourself to accomplish more than you know you can is never stupid – it helps show you what you are capable of. It creates a new frame of reference, one you can draw upon in the face of the other things that are perceived as being tough in your life. It shows you possibilities you didn’t know existed.

Who is Joe De Sena?


An entrepreneur from 8 years old, Joe has had a passion for life that moves the ball forward against all odds. Born in Queens NY to a yoga teaching, meditation practicing mother and an Italian father that was an uber-entrepreneur the author learned simple techniques for forging ahead no matter the odds. Find out how a young kid breaks out, builds multiple businesses, changes lives, and eventually partners with military SpecOps (source). 

Joe De Sena is the founder of The Spartan Race. Read his biography here.

Anyway, if all of this hasn’t inspired you then go pick up a copy of Joe De Sena’s book ‘Spartan Up!’

There are three types of courses: The Sprint, The Super, and The Beast. If you do all three, it is termed The Trifecta!

Ohio Trifecta

Whats next for me? THE Tri-State NJ Spartan SUPER on Sunday, September 7, 2014!!!!

NJ Spartan Super


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  1. I am glad it went well. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

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