Even Super Moms Experience Burnout




  1. Physical or mental collapse caused by overwork or stress.

We’ve all experienced this. The days when you wake up with anxiety just thinking about your schedule for the day, or maybe you didn’t sleep well because your ‘to-do’ list already made itself comfy in your mind the night before.

Then you just laugh at yourself when someone says ‘you really have this mom thing down’ or they ask ‘how do you manage 2 kids, a job, and XYZ without having a nervous breakdown?’

We just shrug our shoulders, give a little smirk, and change the subject.


We Simply Don’t.

Sure, we can pull ourselves together when we are in public for the time being. Some of us can even last weeks in full gear without skipping a beat. But at some point we shut down. And we shut down hard.

Burnout is rough. Burnout is evil. The good news is that there are ways to avoid burnout (or at least make it feel a little better than a tractor-trailer hitting you head on at full speed, am I right!?).

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