Client Testimonials: Meet Lisa, a fat-burning machine!

client testimonials

Today I am featuring my lovely client Lisa. Lisa participated in my 2 month accelerator program and managed to lose 8% body fat! She started the program with the right mindset and got out of it exactly what she put in. Lisa is reliable, self-disciplined, dedicated, strong (mentally and physically), and results-focused. What a blessing it has been to work with her!

Client Testimonials: Featuring Lisa Eachus

Lisa is an avid runner, volleyball player, and a healthy role model for her children and grandchildren! She wholeheartedly believes that running and staying active has kept her young. Lisa wasn’t always a runner – her love for running started after the typical gym workout classes stopped helping her to shed the pounds she wanted. Since adding running to her lifestyle and working with Jenna she has been able to achieve a number of personal milestones.

We asked Lisa what keeps her motivated to keep training, even on the hard days:

Most definitely, my running buddies. I would not have accomplished all that I have without them. I run with a big running family (support system). They are such great motivators and it’s always fun to travel for a weekend together to take part in a race. My husband has also been a great support, and he thinks it is great what I have accomplished and is happy that I have a great group of running friends to share it with.

We asked Lisa to share a bit about her story and how/why she decided to improve her health:

I have always been an athlete. When I had my children, I continued to work out to keep myself in shape. I played volleyball up until I started running so I have always been active. I have a granddaughter now, who is 5, and I try to have her participate in a Kids Fun Run when they have one in the area. I would like her to be active instead of sedentary and I would like to set a good example for her by eating healthy and staying active. I also feel as though staying active keeps you looking and feeling younger.  That’s right, since running, I believe it has helped me not to age……well at least that’s what I think : ).

How has working with Jenna improved your health?

I realized through Jenna that working out is not the only key to losing weight or even feeling healthy and energetic. You also have to eat healthy. Jenna has helped me understand the important parts of great nutrition, especially when you are active. Learning about Macros is important to understand as it aids your fat and/or weight loss.  She also helped me choose what type of foods to eat for each Macro. Since starting with Jenna I lost a good percentage of body fat, which was noticeable to me when I ran and worked out. I even notice it in pictures. In fact, I have decreased my race time and my running pace because I don’t have as much fat to carry around. I still have more fat to lose and will keep plugging away at it and I am putting my best foot forward (so to speak).

What have you learned about yourself through training?

Running has opened up my world, not only to new FRIENDS but new opportunities, networking (seriously), and I have a sense of accomplishment every time I finish a race. I have completed 3 marathons since I started running at the age of 47. Now I train for only 1/2 marathons and I am not sure if want to even the number of marathons to 4 yet, but I know that if I decide to run that 4th marathon I will have a great support system to help me through it. I tell the young women I run with when they aren’t sure if they can complete a marathon, I say, “Well if  I can do it, anybody can do it.”

Is there anything additional that you would like to share?

The healthier you eat the better you will feel, before during and after a workout or run. I am that proven fact : )

Thank you, Lisa, for sharing your story with us! Not only have you achieved fantastic personal milestones with your health and fitness, you are also a wonderful role model for your family and all of us!


client testimonials

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