All this chatter about passive income!


Time is money. Time is precious. Spend your time wisely.

14615800_10207562655251974_372223190268156481_oIf you are a full-time mama who also runs a business, this might mean that you need to rework your services to allow yourself more free time. Develop a program that includes more telephone interaction with your clients rather than behind-the-scenes work, which can get overwhelming once you build up a clientele.

Think about adding sources of passive income to your business. After the initial investment of your time, this is essentially income that you earn even while you are asleep! It is also a blessing when you want to take a vacation – you still have money coming into your business!

When I first started out in my business, I created a few sources of passive income right from the get go. I, unfortunately, didn’t market these sources very well so they didn’t sell.

I have since developed amazing marketing strategies that allow me to earn a good amount of income each month through these passive programs/services without doing any extra work. This allows me to spend more focused time with my 1:1 clients who have invested in me to help them achieve their goals. It’s a win:win situation for everyone!

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