The Trajectory of My Life Changed Forever

I wasn't ready for this

One year ago I had a decision to make: Was I going to continue living the life I was ‘expected’ to live or was I going to make a sharp turn and finally do something about this eager desire to get out.

Get out of the ugly routine I was in: wake up, shower, dress up and show up for a job I didn’t care for – a job that made me feel undervalued and unimportant, hide in my office until 5pm when I could finally go home to what made me happy – my family and my ‘side hustle.’

I graduated with a Criminal Justice degree and a minor in Psychology. I thought my only options were to become a Paralegal or a Lawyer. I chose to be a Paralegal. For 6 years this is what I called myself, but it never felt right.

One year ago I decided that I had enough. My negativity towards my job was affecting my lifestyle and relationship with my husband.

I didn’t want to be the crab in someone else’s life. I had enough crabs to deal with already.

I made the decision to stop saying ‘What if [something bad]?’ and started asking myself ‘What if [something amazing]?’ I made the decision to hire a high level business coach. This decision changed my life, my husbands life, my daughter’s life, and even my future clients lives.


In just 10 months after hiring my business coach. I was able to…

  • quit my full-time job as a corporate paralegal to be home with my newborn daughter;
  • design a business that allows me to work my own hours from anywhere in the world;
  • experience a PR sales month in my business just 1 month after giving birth to my daughter;
  • hire a team member; and
  • connect with hundreds of amazing women from all over the world.

>> COMMENT BELOW: What is holding you back from making a life-changing decision?


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