Client Testimonials: Meet Kristin, a marathon running machine!

client testimonialsMeet Kristin. This girl just keeps hitting PR’s left and right. While we haven’t met in person (yet), her bright personality shines through when you speak with her. After focusing more on her nutrition this summer, Kristin is now in a much better place with her training. The sky is the limit for her!

Client Testimonials: Featuring Kristin Kajari

Kristin always considered herself an athlete but wasn’t putting as much focus on her eating habits and since she was always active in sports what she was putting into her body didn’t seem to matter. That is until she had an injury that set her back. She gained weight and fell into a bit of a slump.

When we asked Kristin what made her decide to change her health she told us “I realized though that when I’m not healthy and active it not only affects me physically but also mentally. I was tired of feeling down and “bleh” and knew I had to make a change.” No longer wanting to feel this way Kristin started to watch her diet and cut down on cheat meals. “Once the pounds starting coming off it became easier to get back into running.”

We asked Kristin what keeps her motivated to keep running/training, even on the hard days?

My amazing run club keeps me motivated to keep running even on my off days. They are my support system. I also stay motivated because running is my happy place. Running is where I feel the most confident. Also, my race schedule keeps me motivated!

How has working with Jenna improved your health?

Working with Jenna has really opened my eyes to eating your calories as FUEL! Before I felt like I would count calories but wouldn’t really focus on what I was putting into my body. I was more concerned about the number of calories and not the actual nutrients I was consuming. Jenna has allowed me to realize the best foods for my body and my training. She has also opened my eyes up to proper fueling for recovery. I no longer feel tired before or after my runs and I am rarely ever sore anymore. I learned how crucial Protein is for recovery and it has helped me to be able to train every day.

We asked Kristin what she has learned about herself through running/training?

Running has given me confidence I have never had before. When I am out there racing I feel strong and unstoppable. Running has taught me that there is NOT the perfect running body and that if you put the hard work in at the end of the day the results will be there. Running has also allowed me to carry my new found confidence into my everyday life as well.

We love Kristin’s fitness and nutrition journey. It shows that hard work pays off on and off the pavement – thanks for sharing!



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