How to get Testimonials


In the past I’ve gotten all fancy with google documents to create the prettiest, most eye-catching feedback form you’ve ever seen only for it to be ignored by 90% of the people I sent it out to.

I then switched gears and built surveys using the google forms add-on. I was running online boot camps and had anywhere from 5-25 people in a closed group at a time. Everytime I dropped a feedback form or testimonial request I heard crickets. Can anyone relate to this?

I took this in a very negative way. I was fearful that my programs didn’t deliver and would get really down on myself. But then I started receiving random periodic emails from my clients into my inbox sharing WINS and SUCCESS STORIES from their weeks.

Now, I’ll very rarely send out a feedback form or testimonial request. I build personal relationships with my clients, to the point where they find the NEED to email me in excitement and share their successes. I then simply ask these clients if I could quote them and use their words across my social media accounts. They always say yes, and are typically very honored!

The catch? Making your clients feel like they are receiving a benefit from their action rather than doing a favor for you.

If you’ve sent out feedback or testimonial requests and are hearing crickets (like I was), chances are the recipient truly forgot about your message and/or brushed it off as unimportant and it has nothing to do with whether you were a good coach to them or not. Hellooooo, we’re all busy 😉

**I use client testimonials to filter leads into my sales funnel and on strategy calls all the time and would love to help you do the same. There are 4 steps that work for me every time. Schedule your free strategy session with me today and I’ll share my secrets with you!


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