Client Testimonials: Carol Risko

Meet Carol. Carol had trouble with weight problems when she was younger. Running helped her lose the weight and keep it off!


We asked Wendy what keeps her motivated to keep running/training, even on the hard days?


Share a bit about your story and how/why you decided to improve your health:

I had trouble with weight problems when I was younger. When I started running in high school I lost the weight and just ran to keep it off. I was an OK runner, and just ran to do a sport. I did like it but was not in love with it like I am now.

When I got to college my first two years I did not exercise because I was so busy with school. When junior year came it was easy for me to get back into things but I struggled with anorexia and bulemia at that time and for the next couple of years.

One day I was tired of feeling hungry and lethargic all the time so I religiously followed a Beachbody program and was healthy (or so I thought) until I suffered a femoral stress fracture (aka the hardest place to break a bone) due to malnutrition! It took a long time to recover (both my physical fitness and nutrition aspect), and I was tired of following strict dieting.

I just happened to come across Jenna’s program a year ago and so much happier with my lifestyle now- I don’t feel guilty when I splurge a little bit. My fitness has improved a lot since then and I ran a faster time race in this year’s broad street than two years ago before I had my stress fracture! 

How has working with Jenna improved your health/What challenges did she help you solve?

I can now eat what I want in moderation, and overcame binge eating. I am way happier with what I can eat and drink.

What have you learned about yourself through running/training?

Trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle should not be stressful, it is hard at first but it eventually gets easier

Is there anything additional you would like to share?

Cross training is a must for running- it helps strengthen additional muscles needed for running especially the hips and glutes. I do fit in yoga, crossfit, and plyo in addition to my runs… Not on the same day though, because burnout is no fun!

Carol has made some huge improvements in her mindset and overall health and her body fat continues to decrease! Great work, Carol!



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