Are you having trouble converting leads into customers?

There are two very important areas of your business that you must nail down in order to start converting leads into paying customers. You need an effective sales funnel and a form of direct engagement!

  1. You need to make sure that you have an effective sales funnel that converts clients
    • List advertisement – a stagnant list won’t do you any good / valued statements over blanket statements
    • ESO – this will come pre-revenue / fresh versus moldy
    • Thank you page / trip-wire
  2. Get your leads on the phone – direct engagement should be a top priority
    • This is crucial!
    • Online marketing is becoming very popular. As you up-level your business and your prices increase to be in line with market-value, it is important that you get to know your leads before they become clients. Your leads will appreciate the personal connection and you will be able to filter out people who simply aren’t a good fit for your program. If you have any inkling, any red flags whatsoever, then you probably shouldn’t work with them. Don’t just leave them hanging, but refer them out to someone in your network who would be more beneficial to them. Always think about the clients best interests.

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