Have you ever known a person who was supposed to be experiencing one of the happiest times of their life, but ended up having to face the complications with a child that has sustained an injury at birth?

Unfortunately, this is the experience some mothers face upon the arrival of their new baby.

Cohen, Placitella & Roth, a Law Firm in Philadelphia, reached out to me and asked if they could write a post that had the ability to reach moms that could be going through this. I couldn’t say no.

Pregnant woman looking at her baby ultra sound picture

Life after a birth injury can be difficult, and parents of children with disabilities and other injuries sustained at birth may need to seek specialized care for their child on a regular basis. If you are the parent of a child with a birth injury, the following provides some information about different resources that may be beneficial for you and your family:

Behavioral and Cognitive Health Services

Birth injuries to the brain can be some of the most tragic and some of the most difficult for a child – and their parents – to cope with. There are a number of behavioral and cognitive health services locations throughout the state of Pennsylvania, including Children’s Behavioral Health Services, Children’s Intellectual Developmental Disability Services, and Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health Pocono.

Medical Treatment for Children

In addition to services for behavioral issues or cognitive disabilities, a child who was born with a birth injury may require medical treatment on a routine basis, ranging from surgeries to brain scans and more. Places to seek medical treatment for children include Pediatria Healthcare for Kids, Shriners Hospital for Children – Philadelphia, CHOP Care Network – Chestnut Hill, and 28 more throughout the state. You can view this map to learn more about medical treatment centers near you:

Daycares for Children with Special Cognitive Needs

One challenge for parents of children with special needs is finding competent caregivers. There are at least four daycares for children with special cognitive needs in Pennsylvania, including:

  • Lauren’s House;
  • PHC @ Lauren’s House; and
  • Frankie’s World.

Resources and Help for Families with Children with Special Conditions and Support Groups

Parents of children with special needs may feel alone, frustrated, and confused about how to care for their children and where they should turn in times of need. There are number of support systems and groups in Pennsylvania for these parents, including a Maternal Wellness Group, United Cerebral Palsy foundation, Parent to Parent of Pennsylvania, New Wilmington Child and Family Counseling, and more.

Legal Resources to Assist Your Family

If your child is the victim of a birth injury that was caused as a result of medical malpractice, you may have the right to file a civil lawsuit for damages against the at-fault party, and this warrants hiring a legal professional. To learn more about your legal rights and what your options are for recovering compensation, you should work with a talented Philadelphia medical malpractice attorney.


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