Does your business tap into many different areas? For example, I work with clients on their fitness, their nutrition, and their business endeavors. In addition to these main topics, we often touch on things like self-care, mindset, organization, etc.

When planning content it is really easy to get lost in all of these topics and end up overwhelmed and without a clue as to what to talk about and when.

I used to sit down to plan content and literally stare at a blank document for hours. What a waste of time.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. LOOK AHEAD: Look ahead in your business. What kind of launches do you have planned for next month? If I am launching a fitness program then I’ll want to talk about fitness for the weeks leading up to that launch so that I warm my market up to the idea.
  2. POLL YOUR AUDIENCE: Reach out to your warm market and ask them what they are currently struggling with. Meet your market where they are at. Use their exact words in your scheduled content so it resonates with them.
  3. REPURPOSE CONTENT: Did any of your posts from last month or previous months get a lot of engagement? If so, then you’ll want to dive deeper into that specific subject because it hit a sweet spot with your readers. There is nothing wrong with repurposing content. I’ll typically reword posts or explain things in a slightly different way. Depending on how long you’ve been in business, you could get a lot of new content from old content.

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