After you land a new client, do you ever think to yourself ‘Where did this client come from?’ ‘What did I do with this client that caused him/her to agree to the sale?’

→ If your face-to-face zoom calls always end up in a sale but your telephone consultations don’t seem to convert well, then you need to be setting the intention to get every prospect on a live zoom call.

→ If your post on social media landed you 3 new discovery calls, then you need to post about that particular topic more often because it converts well!

→ If your last newsletter campaign had a 40% open rate and the previous 3 campaigns that you sent out only had a 10% open rate, then you may want to compare your subject lines and rework them so they are juicier. You want your readers to experience a little FOMO if they don’t open your email 🙂

I like to keep track of these things in a google document so that I can make comparisons. If you haven’t noticed already, I love tracking systems, charts, and tables. This is how I manage my business on the back-end. I’d be happy to share my strategies with you. Schedule your free consult today.


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