Doubting if your people are out there?

This past weekend I was on a call with one of my business clients and we were discussing content creation. She is struggling to tap into her niche market – where to find them, how to resonate with them, how to peak their interest.

I asked her whether she had been sharing her story, her interests, her passion. She said no because she feels as though the people who follow her social media accounts aren’t interested.

This is fear.

Fear of sounding crazy. Fear of being different than the norm. Fear of being unique.

I promise you that there are other people in this world who get excited about what excites you. If you haven’t found them yet, then you need to seek them out. The crazy thing is that your ideal clients are probably right at your fingertips, but because you haven’t been sharing your story they don’t actually know that they have a connection with you.

Does that make sense?

Instead of using broad terms across social media and speaking in the same tone as everyone else, speak your own language. Be more specific. Make very particular statements that only your ideal client would understand.

If you need guidance on sharing YOUR story, let’s hop on a call. I’ll ask you very specific questions that will help you write YOUR story, will help you connect to YOUR ideal client. I’ll help you to ignore the norm on social media and really bring out what makes you unique. That is how you will find your people.


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