I slid, twice.

Think about other areas that interest you. Think about a new direction that you could take. A new spin. A new angle. A new approach. If you have more to give, then don’t hold back!

A year ago I happened upon an opportunity at a local gym to host a free nutrition seminar + challenge for the athletes. I had my personal training and crossfit level-1 certification at the time and people viewed me as someone who cared about her health and apparently trusted my knowledge enough to want to learn from me.

I didn’t know at the time that I’d fall in love with nutrition education and making an impact on people’s lives on a deeper level. Deep enough to make a good living off of it!

So I Slid. I decided to reach out to other gyms in the local area and continue spreading the knowledge that I had with others. One thing led to another and one year later I was making a full salary off of my Nutrition Business.

And then I slid again. After working with a business coach and in mastermind groups for a year I realized that my passion for helping entrepreneurs was growing stronger by the day. So I allowed myself to slide again.

>>January 2015: landed a nutrition seminar opportunity that allowed me to make thousands by leading multiple subsequent seminars

>>February 2015-October 2015: tried to build a business on my own without any guidance. Didn’t see much traction

>>November 2015-July 2016: hired a business coach; became an LLC; grew my nutrition business tremendously; stepped down from my full-time corporate job; had a baby

>>August 2016-present: launched my business coaching company; got really strategic about my sales funnel and list building strategies; saw my highest revenue producing months, weeks, and days!


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