Tools & Resource Recommendations

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While hydrostatic (underwater) weighing or a bod pod reading will be most accurate, these aren't always cheap or easy to come by. Using a scale that measures body fat is a great source or buying a body fat caliper off of amazon (like this one). The number itself might be off, but if you are consistent with your reading and the trend you see is a decreasing percentage then you know you are moving in the right direction!

Everyone should have a kitchen food scale! If you are just starting out with tracking macronutrients you should be weighing your food consistently for at least a month. You will learn A LOT by reading nutrition labels and actively weighing and measuring your food. This makes macronutrient tracking much easier long-term.

If you are a part of my Fat Loss Accelerator Group, you know that we do not use the scale to track our progress. We take measurements before and after our 5 weeks together. When taking body measurements, you want to use the same tool for accurate readings. I recommend this soft tape measure for accurate body measurement readings.

If you prefer a bathroom scale + body fat caliper in one, then this Weight Gurus hybrid is a great option. This is what I have in my bathroom. I typically use this scale for regular tracking and carry the Omron fat loss monitor with me when I host live seminars to pass around the room.